In ancient Arabic culture, the doctor was named Hakeem, which means the wise man. In fact, some old people still call doctors “Hakeems”. I always find this word interesting! Not only because it is respectful, but also because it is very true. It is true because they were not only doctors, they were advisers, educators, and supporters.

In rural areas in Africa, young doctors are usually taking charge of the small hospitals. But they are not only doctors for the local people; they are Hakeems. They are usuall invited to weddings and festivals and other events, and take their seats just next to the community cheafs and leaders! They are participating in conflicts resolves, local meetings, and even be offered beautiful wealthy girls for marriage!

When I was a child at the school-time in Sudan, I remeber that alot of mothers used to come to the school. I guess it will be intersting to know that, they were asked teachers to help in discipline their children and teach them good manners. It was often to fathers as well ask a teacher to help to correct their children’s bad discipline.

The reason why people actually show this respect for those people is education. People appreciate educated people and educators. I understand that concept is a little strange for the modern societies where other factors now may decide the degree of respect to other people, but that shows human in their deep-rooted nature are always appreciate education, and education should be a process to make humans not employers!

When we were children, we have taught that the first word came in the Quran is “Read”. And we have also taught that educators are “Prophets”. I think only with these concepts (which I am sure all we share) true civilizations are bulit!

There is no thing better than to be an educator. If you will not be a prophet, you will be a Hakeem.


5 thoughts on “Hakeem”

  1. I now remember an old book I once found at a fleemarket – it was written almost a hundred years ago and the title was “Hakeem”. The story was colorful, touching, about a man having the position you described – it was a vocation, a way of life more than a profession. I totally agree that the purpose of education is something more than just getting the ability to perform a job, I would hope it is helping people to grow and feel good about themselves so that they can do good for others.
    In deep contrast there is this “trend” of anti-intellectualism that is talked about, if you heard about it – what are your thoughts? For example: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201407/anti-intellectualism-and-the-dumbing-down-america


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